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    Hi there have Kenmore washer model 110 4240890 problem is the washer when it is spinning goes unballanced and make a fair bit of noise does anyone know hat it could be and anyone have steps on to do this thanks.

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    110 4240890
    Is this a Canadian model? If yes, most Canadian dept store models are not online.

    Judging from the model#, it may be a direct drive top load style...

    Kenmore washer-direct-belt-drive-washer-jpg

    Not level.
    Front leveling leg locknuts not tight.
    Weak floor. - Try it on a concrete slab
    Unbalanced load.
    Shipping pins still in shipping location. (not dropped into retaining cups)
    Rear leveling legs stuck.
    Rear cabinet sides loose.
    Suspension plate pads worn - Replace Suspension Plate & Base Pads
    Suspension springs missing, broken or not connected.
    Basket ballast missing (Salt water in plastic inner tub ring leaked out, ring is located around top of inner tub, usually brown in color). - Check for sloshing water sounds as tub stops from spinning

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