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    Hi Jef, we had a bake element burn through on our 12 year old maytag MER5770AAB. It was more like an arc welder than a 4th july sparkler, very violent. After it failed you could see a red glow/burn-through working it's way back towards the side of the element still connected to the stove, this was not as violent as the initial failure but still burning through the sheathing. Continued to do this after turning the oven control off.
    I replaced the lower element and the upper as well for good measure, plugged the stove in and it looked ok. When I turned it on it defaults to 350F but I turned it down to the minimum, which is 125. The lower element got very hot, like Orange hot , while the upper heated up much less. I'm guessing there is a control issue here?
    I don't want to blow thru the new element, any advice?. I have a voltmeter and can use it, but not sure what to look for. Should the voltage to upper and lower be the same during pre-heat?

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    During preheat and regular bake, the broil will be on for 6 seconds and the bake will be on for 54 seconds.....so the bake will get hotter.

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