Dishwasher doesn't drain completely

Dishwasher doesn't drain completely

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Thread: Dishwasher doesn't drain completely

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    Default Dishwasher doesn't drain completely

    I have a Whirlpool Gold Model GU1500XTLB0
    approx. 10 years old

    After it runs it cycle there is still water in the bottom of the unit. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    This unit has 2 motors, one for washing only and one for draining only.
    Drain hose/system must be checked for any restrictions/cloggs all the way from the d/w exit to the house drain spout. If clear the drain pump itself would be suspect.
    There is no easy way to check for restrictions or cloggs, must acually remove and inspect pump entrance, drain hose out, drain spout where the hose attaches to in the house drain ect.

    Dishwasher doesn't drain completely-drain-pump-661658-01215640-jpg Drain pump assembly Manufacturer part number 661658

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