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Whirlpool Diswasher Leaks Intermittently

Whirlpool Diswasher Leaks Intermittently

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Thread: Whirlpool Diswasher Leaks Intermittently

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    Default Whirlpool Diswasher Leaks Intermittently

    My Whirlpool dishwasher GU2800XTVT0 (5 years old) leaks from right bottom of door...but ONLY ONCE occurring during first 5 to 8 minutes of operation. After that, NO leaks for rest of 2 to 3 hour wash cycle. This happens consistently each and every time the dishwasher is used. I'm baffled by this since I assume that if it were merely a worn door seal it would leak during entire cycle. All theories will be welcome!!

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    Intermittent problems are the almost wish it would break and stay broken!

    *Some* common trouble makers...

    Maybe remove the outer door panal for a better view.

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