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MAYTAG A512 Washer

MAYTAG A512 Washer

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Thread: MAYTAG A512 Washer

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    Question MAYTAG A512 Washer

    Will appreciate receiving your soonest answer to this thread.
    We bought the MAYTAG A512 about 25 years ago. We need to know what's the load capacity in Kg (towels, clothes, etc) of this MAYTAG A512 washing machine because we have a technical problem with the gear and the insurance company restricts its liability up to 10 Kg. They claim no liability if the load capacity in Kg exceeds 10 Kg.
    The insurance company is sending tomorrow another technician to check the washer's load capacity claiming there are 2 different models.
    Need your soonest reply and where to verify the load capacity Kg in the web to confront whatever excuse the insurance company might claim.

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    No idea about kilograms.....but your washer was - 2.9 cu.ft of capacity.
    The A112, 212, 312 where the fabromatic models, slightly smaller. The A412, 512, 612 and 712 where the extra large capacity.

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    If you do not get a solid answer here, I suggest you try the vintage washer forum at this link. They are very knowledgeable on old machines there.

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