Frigidaire smooth top

Frigidaire smooth top

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    Default Frigidaire smooth top

    Model - FEFL68GMA
    Serial - VF74069206

    Front two big burners work. Raer ones do not. No oven action or clock action as if no power from the board.

    This is a first for me it being a smooth top. I have never dealt with burners like these. It looks like the front ones wire up a little different than the rear ones.

    The broil element will make my meter beep, the bake element will not even though it shows almost the same amount of resistance within 1 or 2 ohms.
    How are the surface burners checked? They have at least 4 wires going to them.

    I suspect some burned relays. How to check them?

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    2 wires run the element, other two are for the hot surface light...this should help...

    No oven action or clock action as if no power from the board
    Frigidaire smooth top-oven-control-board-316557115-01094535-jpg Clock should have an L1 and L2, 220-240 volts accross these and no go = new clock time.

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